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Our Scottish Roots

As to our very early years, some recent and excellent research into the history of our MacDonalds show us as being Macdonald of the Isles and off Sleat. However, this does not necessarily rule out a North Isles Clan Ranald connection as some of our ancestors have claimed.

Our Deputy Chief Mackie calls attention to the words of H.E. Duff MacDonald, on the occasion of his being honored as a Recipent of the 1998 Achievement Award at the Clan Donald Nova Scotia 1998 Awards Banquet. (Dan Archie MacDonald and Rev. James C. MacDonald are two others from our clan whos pictures hang in the Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College in St. Ann's.) I close now with the words of Duff MacDonald:

Be proud of your membership in hte premier clan of Scotilan - the great Clan Donald: its many branches and Spets have been and are the custodians of the Gaelic culture. From the Lord of the Isles circa 1360, through good times and bad, Clan Donald surmounted challenging occasions and carried their robust qualities anround the globe. Remember Clan Donald and be proud.

May God watch between me and thee until we meet again,

Chief Fraser MacDonald.

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